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Visions at a Pet Cemetery

Possible 'Vision' at a Local Pet Cemetery

After reading online recently about a local pet cemetery in North Las Vegas, and it's possible haunted history I wanted to go there myself and see if the claims were true.  I 've never been to this location since it has opened but have seen news accounts of police canine members who were killed in the line of duty being honored and buried there.  This was about the only thing that I had heard about this place until reading some accounts of witnesses who have visited the grounds and had seen ghostly apparitions walking about in shadow form.  Until I did read the articles online I didn't realize that not only does this cemetery have animal remains interred here but also their human companions as well.  This fact was a total surprise to me.  
My first visit to the cemetery came on an early Sunday morning.   I was going to take the long drive from my home and find this place since my brother and I wanted to return at night at some point in the future just to see if there were any activity here.  I thought looking for it in the daylight would be much safer and easier than trying to find it at night in darkness.  I googled the directions and after navigating the map, I did luckily find it.  The road that I took was a major street and ran straight to the cemetery.  I got to the intersection that was the closest and passed through that one.  I then very quickly slowed down so I wouldn't pass the entry way.  The cememtery itself is quite small and if you blink your eyes, you will definitely be making a u-turn somewhere down the road.  There are no major street signs telling you it's right ahead.  Maybe they really don't want too many people in the small cemetery trampling on all of the gravesites. 
I parked my car and seeing that the office was closed on Sundays, I thought this would be a great time to just take photos and look around as it was a very peaceful Sunday morning.  The weather was very mild and it seemed many of the residents who live around the cemetery were still relaxing in their respective homes.  I only saw a couple of people out walking their dogs along the sidewalks directly outside of the cemetery grounds.   As I walked the cement pathways that take you in either direction into the hallowed grounds, I could see there were many animal family members that have been buried here.  I also viewed many beautiful headstones, some large and others small or just a plaque marker in the ground.  All markers were definitely made with love and lots of thought behind them.  I wanted to take some photos of these lovely headstones as art pieces but to do so, I would have to walk off of the cement walkways and onto the grassy areas.  Now, I have tremendous respect for persons who have passed on before me.  I would never desecrate anyone's final resting place even an animal's.  Before I stepped onto the grass, I asked permission of the unseen souls who reside here if I could photograph their grave markers and forgiveness in having to walk on their final resting places even if by accident.  Yes, this part may sound strange to some, but I feel that a part of their presence or soul may still and does come back to their remains.  After spending a short time there, I got back into my car and left for home.  
I uploaded my photos to the computer and they came out very nicely.  A very peaceful feeling exudes from some of the photos but no ghostly apparitions were seen.  I then told my brother that I didn't think this place had too much activity since I didn't get any strange feelings or see anything out of the ordinary while I was here on my initial visit.  But we already had made plans to come back here at night to try to see if there were any activity, and we did return when our schedules came together. 
On our return visit, I drove into the parking lot and pretty much parked in the same spot I had taken the first time that I was here.  We got out and started the short trek to the front door of the office.   Immediately we heard many sounds of baby birds in the trees above us.  Since the initial time that I was here, baby birds were being born in the tree tops above the pathway that leads to the front door of the office.  It was pretty loud indeed.  We started to walk down the cement pathways that I had taken on that first visit but this time we didn't walk out onto the grassy areas as I did the first time.  I really didn't want to the second time around, I guess I felt as if we were intruding a bit.  We only stayed about 20 minutes and then we left.  We didn't see anything on film except maybe a potential 'orb' behind my brother as he was looking towards one of the headstones.  He said he didn't believe this place was really active because of us not feeling anything paranormal.  
Several weeks later, I was at a hair cut appointment at a hair salon that is located down the street from this pet cemetery.  I was telling my hair lady, Vicki, about what happened or what didn't happen at this cemetery when we went there.  Suddenly, she said she had an image of a local weatherman that had his dog Jordan buried in the same place and because of his recent death, he was also buried there with his dog's remains.  She couldn't place his name at first but after describing what he looked like to me, I knew who she was referring to but I also could't get a name.  The first name John came to me and then she got the last name, Fredericks.  We kept talking about the weatherman and what she had heard happened to him from a news broadcast that aired at the time of his death.  I never saw this broadcast when it was being aired the first time so I never realized that he had passed away until Vicki told me. 
Well, now my curiosity was stirred up again about the cemetery.  I didn't remember seeing a marker with the name "Jordan" on it in the grounds the both times that I was there, solo and with my brother.  I wanted to go back there and take a look around again to see if I could find his final resting place.  Not so much to get evidence but just to pay my respects.  I had met this man, John Fredericks when he was alive several years prior.  He seemed a very nice man at that time and he still had his Jordan with him.  He was MC-ing an event that my mom was performing at, a multi cultural event, with her dance group and I had to go and read the names of the dances that they were going to perform.  I gave him my list of dance names and after taking one look at the Japanese words, he handed the paper back to me and said "It's okay.  You can go ahead and announce them to the crowd.  I'm going to butcher them." 
I laughed and said okay.  This was my only and very brief meeting with John Fredericks. 
After leaving the hair salon, I drove down the street and arrived back at the cemetery again.  As I parked the car, the staff and crew were leaving for the day.  I got out and started towards the grounds.  No one stopped me or asked me what I was doing there.  That, I thought was odd too.  It was as if I was invisible to them and they just went on their merry way.  I guess I don't look threatening.  I walked around the different headstones looking for Jordan's site.  I couldn't locate the spot so after a bit and giving up, I got back into my car.  I turned the engine on and text back to Vicki that maybe his remains had been moved since I didn't see any headstone marking where they were buried.  As I put my cell phone down I looked up and saw a very large white tombstone sitting in the distance.  It wasn't a long distance because of the small size of the cemetery.  There is a chain link fence that surrounds the area but there is a portion that is 'open'.  There is a space that has no fencing.  I believe this is where any delivery trucks would back into to deliver the larger tombstones so as not to disturb the main grounds and for some strange reason, this is where the marker was standing, in the open space.  I kept staring at the large marker.  It looked as if it were glowing or illuminating itself and then I thought maybe the setting sun had something to do with the glow.  I rubbed my eyes just to make sure it was really standing there and not just my eyes playing tricks on me.  As I stared at it, I could see there was a photo on the front of the marker.  It looked to have a dog resembling Jordan and a man squatting behind the dog and petting it with one hand.  For some reason, I couldn't see the image clearly even though I was wearing my new eyeglasses.  The whole image or vision that I was having seemed very blurry.  I've had this experience in the past.  I am a 'sensitive' and when I do readings or are experiencing spirit, I have this effect happen.  The man in the photo image seemed to be very happy and smiling greatly.  I felt as if he was happy because he was reunited with his furry family member.  I didn't see any names on this marker just the blurry photo image. 
After a few minutes of staring and wondering if this was John Fredericks marker, I decided against getting back out of my car to walk to where I was seeing this image.  So I left. 
After I arrived home, I got onto the internet and googled his name.  Because he was a public figure in the past, his story may be online somewhere.  I did find a news article that was written at the time of his burial.  When I clicked on the link, a photo suddenly popped up that was attached to the news article.  I was quite blown away.  It was the headstone marker of Jordan, his dog.  But the marker wasn't the same as my 'vision' of it.  The actually marker was much smaller in stature and only had a photo of the dog on the front.  John's name was added onto the top of the marker.  I started to read the article and it said he kept on working with the news crew for several  years until he had tragically lost his Jordan one day.  Everyone said he was very devastated over the death.  His Jordan was really his son and only family that he felt he had here in town.   A news article said there were over 200 mourners that showed up at Jordan's funeral.  People have speculated that the loss of his Jordan sent him into a depressive state that seemingly he couldn't really get out of.  After having a police issue, he apparently quit his job and left.  He later resurfaced in a hospice care facility suffering the last stages of Cirrohsis of the liver and where he later died.  He wanted to be cremated and buried alongside his best buddy Jordan and his final wishes were followed. 
This whole experience seemed odd but when I googled and found his tragic story, that's when it seemed to get weird for me.  For one, I would have never have gone back to the cemetery if Vicki hadn't of had his image pop into her head as we were talking about the place.  Was this his way of getting me to go back to the cemetery just to have a vision of possibly him and his dog after death?  Was this his way of trying to tell the living that he was okay and had crossed over successfully as it looked like he was coming from the light, even though the last few years of his life had turned tragic?  And if he is trying to get a message to someone who is in physical or living, who is the person and what is the message he is trying to get across?  Even as I am a 'sensitive' or clairvoyant, I didn't hear any messages.  Psychic work is sometimes hard to connect with, even with a stronger psychic with many more years experience than I.  They have problems trying get messages loved ones who have crossed over to the living.  
This is a very true story that happened to me recently.  Whether you believe me or not. 

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